The Future is Flat Fee Recruitment by Joe Gregory

More and more, as HR positions itself as a value centre rather than a cost centre, all manner of the HR function is being looked at. In this context it is no surprise that the recruitment function has come under the microscope recently, resulting in an increased shift from high street recruitment agencies and ‘boutique’ recruiters to the next generation of on-line savvy flat fee recruitment specialists.

However, that said, it seems that cost imperatives are not the driving factor behind companies’ decisions to go down the flat fee recruitment route. This is in part due to the fact that in-house recruitment costs can be opaque at the best of times, so they’re not necessarily the obvious place to start cutting costs. More importantly though, the non-cost related benefits of flat fee recruitment can be pretty attractive in themselves.

The specialism in recruitment that a flat fee provider brings means that the recruitment process is quicker, the pool of candidates is larger, better quality, and well suited to the company, and the recruitment process means less administrative work on the HR department. This leaves the HR section of the business free to concentrate on what’s important – deciding which great candidate to hire. And if it’s true that the quality of your talent can make or break your business, then employing a flat fee recruitment specialist to ensure you get the best recruits may give you an important competitive advantage over your rivals.

The best thing is that you don’t have to wake up one fine morning and find yourself sitting atop a heap of clauses. Yes, the flat fee recruitment option offers has a straightforward approach towards employment. There are no additional or hidden costs attached with the services offered. Today, companies are adopting this new approach to acquire the best work force.

Flat fee recruitment is a contemporary method where the company is paying a fixed rate for which the agency has to work. The agency which is hired to cater to the employment needs of the company is paid a certain sum for which it has to deliver its recruitment services. This seems quite a lucrative idea for companies adopting the wise way.

eRecruit Solutions is one such company based in Bristol, England. They help to slash your recruitment costs, and save bags of time along the way. eRecruit Solutions provide a one-stop, fixed fee recruitment solution for any job opening across the UK and overseas. With coverage of more than 1,800 of the biggest and best online recruitment sites, the recruitment channels give them access to almost every job-seeker, and there REC-qualified team’s knowledge will deliver only the best candidates to you… all for a straightforward, no-nonsense, one-off fee per role!