How to get the best out of Online Recruitment

Getting the Best Recruitment Strategy

Online recruitment is the new frontier, and with 80% of jobseekers looking for their next role, it’s likely you either have or are getting an online presence through which to recruit. The trends and behaviours of candidates online are not always easy to predict. If there was one solitary place on the web that people went to find jobs, we’d be laughing. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist, and the amount of sites jobseekers use total up to thousands. So what is the secret to effective online recruitment? How can you ensure your recruitment campaigns reach the right people?

Big Net, More Fish

There’s no concrete way of telling which job boards candidates are more likely to use. While some may receive more traffic or see more CVs uploaded, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s not a perfect candidate for your role perusing another site. In order to ensure maximum possibility of reaching the best candidates for your role, you need to have exposure across all the online platforms. eRecruit Solutions have blanket coverage of over 1800 job boards, making the volume of applications we receive pretty high. It means there are lots of CVs to go through, but as we do this for you and only send you relevant ones, you needn’t worry. Plus, we love going through CVs.


We’re sure you are well aware of the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) and other fancy technical terms. Fortunately, you don’t have to be whizz in JavaScript, HTMl or any of that garble to be able to boost the visibility of your recruitment campaign. We like to post jobs out on a Monday morning to coincide with the job application ‘rush hour’ – when most people are looking for their next role. This way they are right there at the top under the noses of jobseekers. In order to remain under said noses, we re-post ads to refresh them, rather than letting them fester on page 5 of the job listings. This means they get to the top and stay there. Much like our recruitment model.


We may have just been yapping about how difficult it is to guess the patterns of jobseeker behaviour. Having said that, it’s safe to say that at least a few of them like to use specialist job boards. Whether they’re refined by sector, location or level (e.g graduate jobs), candidates do like to go on the occasional specialist job board. This is because it cuts down the amount of posting they see which aren’t relevant to their role of choice. It’s therefore important to have a presence on these too – which luckily we do! For example, we pay post sales positions on sites such as

Thankfully, we have more than a couple of tricks up our sleeve when it comes to online recruitment, meaning we able to successfully navigate the minefield and bring up positive results. But don’t listen to us – find out for yourselves! Get in touch today.