What Makes a Great Recruitment Campaign?

What makes Great Recruitment Campaigns?

Recruitment is a tricky thing to get right, and there can be a lot of debate surrounding what the best methods to use are. With a little research and care in the right areas, we’ve successful helped many clients construct a working recruitment campaign that gets the right results. Here are some top tips about what ingredients go into a great recruitment campaign.

Choose the right level of exposure.

While there are a few general rules to stick to when recruiting, every campaign is different, therefore every campaign needs a slightly different approach. Level of exposure is key in this, as it determines how much advertising the vacancy requires. When deciding this, three factors make the most difference; the role, the location and the level of experience. Certain roles are more popular/sought after than others which makes them easier to fill, meaning they don’t need to be posted on quite as many job boards. Location is also key, not only because areas with more population will inevitably contain more people looking for work, but also because the bigger cities attract a certain type of work, e.g. sales, marketing etc.

Construct a great ad

A vital aspect of a recruitment campaign is to create an ad that encourages people to apply. A huge part of this is down to the wording of the advert, ensuring that the opportunity and benefits of the job are emphasised. Factors affecting the quality of a job advert include length, tone and instruction. A good job ad gives a good amount of detail about the position available but isn’t too long winded. In terms of tone, it’s important that a job advert evokes some excitement about the opportunity to the candidate. This can be done by emphasising the fast-growing or dynamic environment the vacancy is in, or highlighting/suggesting opportunity to progress and grow from the position available.

Prepare for a swift turnaround

A crucial aspect of recruitment is always timing. This is mostly down to the fact that the best candidates are snapped up first. It’s very rare that active jobseekers have only applied for one role. You don’t want to miss out on a great candidate to a rival company. Ideally, we find that getting back to candidates with two weeks of receiving their CV, to arrange an interview or assessment, is a good cut-off point. It gives you time to decide on the candidates you are most interested in and it means the candidate will not have forgotten about applying for your vacancy. eRecruit clients always receive applications that have already been screened by our REC qualified team, meaning that you essential time is saved not having to read through erroneous or unsuitable applications.

There may be plenty of other factors that affect recruitment campaign, which is why a one size fits all approach isn’t the best way. To find out more about bespoke recruitment campaigns, contact us today.