Handling a Large Volume of Applications

Handling Large Volume Recruitments

Online recruitment has opened the floodgates to reach a large jobseeking audience, which in turn attracts more applicants to vacancies than ever before. Receiving a high volume of applications is a positive thing on the whole and increases your chances of finding the ideal candidate from the job. So what are the best ways of sorting the wheat from the chaff?

Tangible Qualities

A great way of narrowing down the masses of CVs is to distinguish the tangible from the intangible qualities. This means looking for exact, quantitative measures of the candidate’s performance. Things to look out for include sales targets, figures, statistics, profit and so on. This has a lot more gravitas than generic phrases, such as ‘hardworking’ or ‘people person’. Candidates that include quantative achievements on their CVs aim to show they can walk the walk as well as talk the talk – which is what you need to assess.

That Extra Mile

If you’ve had an overwhelming number of applications for a small amount of vacancies, you can afford to be picky. It’s time to start looking for people who have gone above and beyond. The modern jobseeker is awake to the fact that their application has gone into the mix with a big bunch of others, meaning that more than a few will try other methods of getting your attention Make sure your company social media pages are well-maintained so that you can utilise them to engage with candidates – especially LinkedIn and Twitter. Online recruitment is all about engagement, so encouraging potential candidates to connect with you enables you to see who really wants the job.

Thought and Care

The best job applications are the ones that have had a lot of time and effort put behind them. Jobseekers that apply for less roles but put a lot of research into their applications quite often get snapped up faster than those that apply for a ton of roles with the same, generic CV. So look out for applications that have been tailored towards the vacancy at your company. Signs of this are the use of specialist industry terms, relevant work experience, technical and practical skills used the vacant position. It’s also important to look at the presentation of the CV as a whole, ensuring it is in a professional format, uses correct spelling and grammar and contains quality content.

Let us do it for you!

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