Winning the World Over through Head Hunting – by Adam Baker


In Today’s day & age of Recruitment, whether it be Flat Fee, Head Hunting or Contingency, two major factors make or break business relationships; over-complicating the process, and building rapport. It is all too easy to slip into the realm of superfluous language, losing confidence and connection at the front end of a call. Each conversation needs to be memorable to win the hearts of Human Resources.

No-one buys into a product they don’t understand, nor will they buy from a robot. Simply memorising a script and running it out on each call is not going to differentiate you from every other Recruitment company. As well as a market-busting service to wow our audience with, we also have our biggest selling point; ourselves. Converting cold conversations with perfect strangers into long-lasting working partnerships is all about making them fun, engaging and relevant. I’m lucky to be surrounded by people that encourage this too (you know what they say about ‘success by association’!).

To take a case in point, my colleague Greg is having a barnstormer of a year so far simply by keeping it short & sweet and engaging with people with a sociable approach. Greg listens, talks and enjoys what he does, reaping benefits across the board simply because if they don’t work with us now, they soon will… all because they remembered a quality and enjoyable conversation with someone that genuinely cares for the organisation and the person he is speaking to.

So, our secret recipe? We don’t have one, we just KISS (Keep It Short & Sweet), laugh, and maintain our ‘no nonsense’ approach; our service is simple, successful and sells itself!