Why You Should Hire Social Media Savvy Staff

Businessman sitting at desk with business scheme and icons

While a lot of us are full on board, some companies are still yet to harness the power of social media. There are many reasons for this, but a lot of it comes down to know-how. Whether you’re thinking of hiring a social media executive, or just staff that can take on some social media duties, here are some reasons why it’s something you should be looking for.


You may not realise, but there is a fine art behind running a social media account.  Particularly on Twitter, shameless self-promotion and pleas for followers will not wash well. Effective social media use is about sharing interesting and relevant content, as well as having interaction with the relevant business community and audience. Social media should be used as a conversational tool rather than a conveyor belt type platform, where information is just placed in front of people. All of this takes a lot of thought and consideration, which is why it’s good for you to have someone in the business who understand this and knows what they are doing.


Social media is another tool to help you establish and present your company values. It’s therefore important that the voice portrayed on social media is consistent with the company brand. As consistency is key, it’s good to have someone that can co-ordinate your social media channels and oversea the use of them for promotional purposes. And with so many different platforms out there, the need to coordinate them can’t very often be ignored. It’s a good idea to look out for staff that have working knowledge of several social media platforms, so that they can establish the key differences.

Keep it Close

There are plenty of social media agencies offering all singing all dancing social media packages. While this could be the best option for you, there’s a lot to be said for keeping social media in-house. Your employees are yours for a reason – they have a good knowledge of your products, methods, values and the projects you are currently focussing on. It’s easier for them to establish a company voice and use it when they are part of the company. In-house social media can have a nice organic touch which helps engage your audience. After all, outsourcing social media makes it difficult to tweet pictures of the staff in their matching Christmas jumpers.