Hiring Incentives – What Are The Best Ones to Have?

eRecruit Solutions talks about Hiring Incentives

Whether you’re a hiring manager or looking to expand your own company, it’s well worth taking some time to consider the incentive behind your hires. These will help you recognise your needs more effectively, rapidly improving your ability to spot and recognise the right candidates. So what should drive you to employ?

1.)    Company growth.

An obvious one, surely? A hugely positive incentive to hire is as a response to company growth – adding to your teams instead of just replacing staff that have moved on. Where opportunity for growth is spotted, it’s a good idea to run with it and encourage this as much as possible,setting up new projects and emphasising more work or attention to this area. And a good way to do this is to enlist more staff. This is where more experienced candidates can help you, but also consider bringing in some fresh talent – maybe in the form of graduates. They will have transferable skills, but you can then train them to your methods and preferences.

2.)    Building to existing teams

It is important that the implementation of new staff will add to the performance of your existing employees. If you feel there is a weakness or lack of motivation in your teams, new employees can shake things up a bit. Fresh ideas and new minds all make for a more enriched group of staff that all have something to offer individually. If you are looking for new managers or perhaps new entry level employees, make sure you can visualise well what their responsibilities will be and what expectations you have for them. This will all help to define the criteria by which the candidates that apply will be screened.

3.)    Providing opportunities.

Another great driver for bringing in new staff is the chance to offer people better opportunities and the chance to achieve things they wish to. People looking for new employment are doing so because they feel they would benefit from working within your company. So prove them right by ensuring that new staff and existing employees have access to training, further opportunities and vacancies. It is therefore worthwhile putting your vacancies out to reach as many people as possible. eRecruit Solutions have access to over 1800 job boards and can easily help you reach a large pool of talent. In addition, take a look at your existing employees and review if you can promote any of them. Allowing existing staff to climb the career ladder within your company is extra appealing to future employees. But also, it gives you chance to bring in new talent to replace the staff that have been promoted. This way, your new hires can come in at ground level and work their way up, within your company.

If any of these hiring incentives ring true with you, now could be a great time to roll some more staff into your company. After all – there’s no time like the present!