Why Hiring Interns is a Positive Step

As the job market competition peaks, there are more and more candidates out there who are eager to gain experience and boost their job prospects by becoming an intern. Internships in general are becoming more and more popular across a variety of sectors. So what benefits could hiring and intern bring your way?

Try Before You Buy

You can essentially hire interns on a trial basis, meaning there is less pressure on hiring new employees. So instead of running the risk of a bad hire, you could take a skilled intern on for a set period of time, usually up to a year, and see if they have the capability to really benefit your company.

No Pressure to Hire Full-Time

By the same token, if an intern isn’t quite cutting the mustard then here’s the beauty of it- you’re under no obligation to hire them full-time! Rather than spending time and money training and rehiring new staff, you can save on these by going down the intern route instead. Remember that an internship is a two-way process- they can benefit your firm, sure, but if they’re not kept on full-time then it’s only fair to ensure that they’ve also benefited from the experience.

Good Attitude

Securing an internship is a competitive business, meaning the lucky hopeful who does secure an opportunity within your firm is likely to be extremely grateful with a real appetite for work. However, this does come with its downsides. Sorting through a large number of applications from entry-level candidates is likely to be extremely time-consuming for any firm- which is why using the recruiting services of an online recruitment agency is the way forward for an increasingly high amount of companies.

By allowing recruitment specialists to do the work for you for a flat-fee, you can save time, money and ensure that you source the best possible candidates.

Meet Seasonal Requirements

Bringing in interns for an advertised period of time can also help your company cope with increased demand over certain times of the year. Whilst this benefit does not necessarily translate to you securing a talented, full-time employee, it can still be an extremely useful recruiting strategy. By hiring a bright, young and skilled intern for a short period of time, your company can really start to feel the benefits of an internship- whilst the candidate will also be equipped with the right skills to advance their careers.

Be Careful!

It’s important to hire interns for the right reasons. By simply taking them on to make the tea or help out around the office, it’s not going to end up being a beneficial experience for either party. You should give interns the relevant training and support that they require and they should also have clear goals for the internship, with genuine responsibilities.

Similarly, be very careful when bringing in unpaid interns. New government guidance looks to crack down on the practice of not paying interns, with the HMRC recently targeting 200 employers advertising internships to ensure that they are paying the national minimum wage.