Give Your Hiring Process A Spring Clean!

eRecruit helps give your Hiring Process a Spring Clean

Spring is finally here, and with some first glimpses of the sun in what has felt like an eternity, there’s no better time to shake up things around the office a little bit. A great place to start is with your hiring process. If you feel it needs to be streamlined, now is the time to do so! After all, it’s a lot easier than you think.

Change Tact

A great way to give your hiring process a much-needed clean is to get in some fresh applicants. If you haven’t already, you are far better off resourcing new CVs for each vacancy you have. Unique CVs from applicants that have applied specifically to your job are much more relevant to your position. Doing away with generic candidates and irrelevant CVs will reduce the time you spend on your hiring process, as the CVs you begin to receive will be ready to rock. With prior screening done by the eRecruit team, you can ensure you’re only receiving applications that meet your criteria. Your average job agency have an array of CVs, but how many of these have applied for your vacancy specifically? Zero.

Build up Your Talent Pool

By refreshing where you can get your CVs from, many of the applications you view will be relevant to your company. While you can’t hire them all, you can keep their CVs on file in anticipation for any future vacancies. This great for those positions that become vacant unexpectedly. It also means that you’re only keeping on file those candidates we just mentioned who applied to your vacancy specifically.

Reach a Bigger and Better Audience

Considering you’re trying to get your hiring process nicely organised and working effectively, the next step to take is to give your job advertising a little boost. When it comes to flat fee recruitment, there are no additional costs per hire or per application. It makes sense therefore, that your job adverts reach as many people as they possibly can. We here at Recruit are firm believers in the power of targeting a wide audience when recruiting. This is especially important for results if you have specific requirements for your vacancy. Having a presence on the top job boards essential. Working with eRecruit can see your ad broadcast across 1800 job boards – from just £599. Hard to beat!

Cut Down on Time

The average job vacancy takes 45 days to fill. eRecruit can get job applications over to you on the same day that your job ad goes live. There’s no time to waste when it comes to recruitment, and with eRecruit you can have roles filled within a fortnight. When it comes to clearing up your hiring process, reducing the time it takes is a priority. After all – it allows you more time to get on with what you do best – running your business!