CVs – Hobbies and Interests Matter!

Hobbies and Interests Matter on CVs

The hobbies and interests section of a CV might not immediately seem like the most important area to look at for an employer. However, it can be really handy to look at someone’s hobbies and interests in order to get a clearer insight into them as a person. After all, their qualifications and experience will tell you how skilled they are likely to be in the role, but it’s important to hire someone who you will actually get along with as well- especially considering the amount of time that you will be spending with them.

They’re not the defining factor!

If you’re unimpressed by applicants’ qualifications and experience then you’re unlikely to even reach their hobbies in the first place- and that process can be time-consuming. To quickly and easily get the list of applicants whittled down to only the most suitable, it might be an idea to use the recruiting services of an online recruitment agency, whose recruitment specialists screen all of those applying and deliver you a list of the candidates with the most relevant skills and experience.

So once you know that the applicants for the job have the attributes that you’re looking for, it’s time to start looking for other ways to find the ideal candidate.

The Good…

There are plenty of hobbies and interests out there which, although you might not think so at first, can relate to the advertised role and really set a candidate apart from the rest of the field. Team activities such as football, rugby and cricket all suggest that they have great teamwork skills, whilst if they go one further and mention that they captained their team then it could even go some way to making up for a lack of leadership experience in the workplace.

On the other hand, a candidate who professes to enjoy travelling signifies that they’re independent and unafraid to go out of their comfort zone- potentially ensuring that the bedding in process at your firm is pretty seamless. But that’s not all- at the most basic level someone who enjoys travelling and seeing the world is likely to be a bit more interesting than somebody who instead has a huge love of watching TV.

And the best thing? If you happen to share some interests with prospective employees then you’re much more likely to get along with each other- which of course is very important in the workplace.

The Bad…

Unfortunately, some things you find in the hobbies and interests section of a CV is bound to be a turn-off. For example, maybe hiring someone who professes their love of firearms wouldn’t be the best idea. It’s going to be difficult see the benefit of weaponry skills for a lot of roles!

And as we mentioned above- it’s often going to be a better idea to go for the candidate who has outgoing and interesting interests, rather than someone who, well, doesn’t!