How to Retain Employees

It’s no use ploughing all your resources into a lengthy recruitment process if the perfect employee leaves your company after a few months. Sure, the new employee might have had all of the skills, experience and qualifications to be a real success at your firm, but if your retaining methods aren’t up to scratch then your recruiting strategies will have come to nothing. Here’s some of the best ways to retain those high-performing employees.

Benefits and Perks

Sometimes, the little things matter! By offering little perks to candidates, you’re far more likely to attract and retain them in the long run. For bigger companies, you could offer gym membership, a company car or maybe a healthcare plan. But for SMEs who are looking for some employee perks that won’t break the bank, there are still plenty of options out there. Offer employees the chance to work from home, to dress casually on Fridays, or maybe take them out for lunch one day a week. Sometimes, the small things can make a difference and make employees feel more valued!

Promote from Within

Whilst you can’t promise that everyone in the company will get a promotion at some point, by promoting from within wherever possible you can show other employees that progression opportunities within your firm do exist- which is very important for workers. What’s more, for the lucky ones who do receive a promotion, they’re likely to be grateful for the opportunity and stick around for a long time.

Regular Feedback

Feedback is a really important part of the recruitment and retaining process. By using the recruiting services of a flat fee recruitment agency this can be taken out of your hands at an early stage- but after that, it’s up to you. Let your employees know how they’re doing as often as possible- they won’t appreciate being kept in the dark over the course of their time at your company.

Ensure that Employees Understand the Aims of the Business

A worker who feels detached is unlikely to really have the interests of the company at heart, with their productivity likely to suffer as a result. But by making sure that the aims and missions of the business are clearly stated and agreed upon, workers can feel part of the company and subsequently do their bit to make the firm as successful as possible.

Exit Interviews

Conducting an effective job interview is one thing- but in the long run it could prove to be just as beneficial to get into the habit of conducting exit interviews with employees who are leaving as well. Politely ask their reasons for leaving the firm and you could make sure that you’re better placed to retain employees in the future.