How to Improve Your Careers Website

Improving Careers Website with eRecruit Solutions

Are you struggling to attract the talent you need to help your business flourish? Well creating or improving your careers website can add significant value to your recruitment process. By using it to display information about your company, its vision and ethics, as well as the roles you have to offer and their requirements, you will provide jobseekers with a better understanding of your organisation. Thus, candidates will be able to determine whether your opportunity is the right one for them, resulting in your website providing a sort of initial screening process. So how can you improve your careers website in order to appeal to the best candidates for your vacancies?

Accessibility and Navigation

You need to make your careers site as accessible as possible from your homepage. There’s no use creating a great page only to have it hidden in the depths of a dropdown menu. Have a clear link to your jobs page on your homepage, where jobseekers only need to click once to discover your current vacancies. Of course, include further information within this careers section, but make sure the link on your homepage leads directly to the available jobs to spark the jobseeker’s interest straight away. Furthermore, for each job advertised include the option to share it across social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) right at the top. This will encourage passive jobseekers to share opportunities with their friends who may also be looking for new opportunities. It’s also important to keep the application process itself quick and easy. A laborious application process may help you to screen your candidates, but it will also see you missing out on highly talented individuals. Try to cut it down to just a few minutes (5 max) and only ask two or three screening questions.

Speculative Applications, Alerts and Live Chats

There may be gifted jobseekers out there who may not suit any of your current vacancies, but may be perfect for those you have in the future. To ensure you don’t miss out on such candidates, provide an option for speculative applications so you can keep them on file and screen them when a new role arises. You never know, someone’s CV may be so inspiring it helps you to create a role specifically for the candidate. Other features that can prevent you from missing out on talent are email alerts and live chats. Allowing jobseekers to sign up for email alerts encourages them to apply for relevant vacancies once they’ve left your site as soon as they become available. By providing the option of live chats you can answer any queries that might be holding off the right candidate from applying.

Videos and Photographs

A video is always going to be more interesting than a page of writing for jobseekers who are likely spending the majority of their time reading endless job adverts and descriptions. Instead of simply listing the top requirements for a role, provide a short video of the manager of this area giving an explanation of what they expect and why. It’ll be just as informative but far more engaging for your applicants. You can also use them to provide candidates with more information about the company by actually showing them what it’s like to work for you. Include interviews with various staff members asking them why they enjoy working at the company. This helps jobseekers to put a face to the business and get a feel for what your organisation is like before they’ve even stepped into the interview room. If you’re unable to provide video content, make sure you include photos of the office to give an idea of the environment the candidate would be working in and the employees who work there.

Sell Yourself

Although it’s the applicants job to sell themselves to you in their CV, in order to encourage them to apply in the first place you must sell the company to them first. This is why it’s important to have a ‘Why you should work here’ section on your careers website. Here you can provide the jobseeker with as many reasons as you feel necessary for why they should work for you in particular. To get an idea of what to include, ask current employees how they’d sell the company to a friend. You could also include video content of their answers.

So if your recruitment strategy is leaving much to be desired in terms of attracting top talent, consider creating/updating your career website in order to give yourself the best possible chance of finding the right candidates. Simply using the features above will provide you with candidates who have a greater understanding of who you are as a company, what you expect for each of your roles and whether their skills and experience match your requirements.