Interviewing Sales Professionals – A Checklist

eRecruit Solutions tips on Interviewing Sales Professionals

You’ve managed to narrow down your received job applications and CVs and found what could potentially be great sales people to bring into your business. The next stages are now the most important, as you bring these candidates in to begin the interview process. Sales professionals are the future of your business, so managing the hiring process of them well is vital to ensure you obtain the best talent. eRecruit Solutions have been sales recruitment specialists since day one, helping plenty of companies navigate their recruitment process easily and effectively. Here you can find some of our top tips for interviewing sales professionals.

Focus on the Role

Make sure that the interview is a two way process, ensuring you get the information that you need, but so does the candidate. What candidates want most from an interview is a further explanation of the role. They also want the opportunity to explain and talk about their experiences, as well as the chance to ask more questions. In order to check all these boxes, your interview questions need to be focused around the role. Too many irrelevant questions can dilute the information you receive from the interviewee and in turn make your decisions more difficult later on. One or two less relevant questions will do, but preferably ask them at the start of the interview, prior to getting to the ‘meat’ of the interview.

Role Play

You need to be sure of a sales person’s ability to pitch. As a rule, if they impress you in the interview, you can get a feel for if they have a natural sales flair. However, in order to be able to compare each candidate you see, it’s worth giving them each a task to pitch to you as if you were a potential client. Without expecting it to be a perfectly rehearsed and ironed out pitch, you get a chance to see how well the candidate thinks on their feet. If you identify with sales techniques you feel work well with your company you could’ve found an ideal candidate. As well as this, you may find somebody who has the makings of a good sales person but needs to practise a few techniques that work well for your line of business – still a valid hiring opportunity.

Sell the Company

To secure the best talent, your candidates need to feel they are entering a solid, successful sales team. It is important therefore that you sell the company to the candidates also, enlightening them to your line of the business and expectations of staff. Once you ensure they know there is scope to progress and do well in your company, it becomes their job to convince you of their ability and their desire to do this. If they express a confidence in their abilities and a real enthusiasm to join your business, they could be the ideal fit.

Interviewing isn’t always about what you can get out of the candidate, but sometimes what you can offer them. Above all it’s important to look out for which candidates will suit best to work in your company in particular.