Keeping up with the Joneses with Sales Calls by Greg Pendleton

Keeping Up With The Joneses

It’s amazing how dropping names throughout an introductory sales call can help build confidence in our products and services. Below are a few great places to mention the peers & competitors of a company when speaking to them over the phone!

At the start of the call:
• People naturally have their guard up and want to know very quickly how you can benefit them… or they will put the phone down! By mentioning the companies in their field that we already work with, their levels of interest increase, and their perception of how relevant we are to their business becomes a lot clearer. As they realise our purpose (and the fact that we have fully research their company), the rapport building, relationship-starting process gets a huge kick start, helping us to ‘get down to business’ a lot more quickly

Overcoming objections:
• When a new contact comes up with an objection it is because they are not yet convinced or fully informed about the benefit / solution we offer. By adding examples of how we have overcome the exact same problems for their peers & competitors, we can help them understand how we can use our experience to benefit them in the same way

Winning the business:
• By giving examples of the same jobs we have helped their peers & competitors to fill, we can fill a new client with the confidence they need to use our services. It helps them realise that the tailored package we are offering is the right one for their business, and the one needed to obtain great results!