Job Adverts – Get the Skilled Candidates You Require

A common pitfall for recruiters is the lack of a clear and effective job advert. Accurately conveying the requirements of a particular role is absolutely key in ensuring that you find the right candidate for your company- and avoid hiring somebody who isn’t quite right for the job. But great job ads don’t just appear out of thin air. Whether you plan to write the job ad yourself or use the recruiting services of an online recruitment agency to do it for you, it’s up to you to decide which skills are required for the role that you’re recruiting for. Here’s how.

Look at the ads for similar roles

To get a good initial idea of the skills needed for the job, try going online and scouting out similar job ads that have been posted. Although any two roles are unlikely to be exactly the same, a large proportion are likely to require similar skills, and so you can draw inspiration from others and get a rough idea of what your prospective employee will need to be proficient in.

You should already have a good idea…

Naturally, if you’re the one responsible for recruiting, you should already have a good idea about what candidates are likely to require to be a success in the role. Consider other similar vacancies that you may have advertised for in the past, and of course draw on your own experiences to come up with an exhaustive list of essential and desirable skills.

Ask current employees

Who better to ask than the people who are currently doing the job that you’re recruiting for? Whilst you’re already likely to have a good idea of the skills needed for the role, people who are doing it on a daily basis could add to that and ensure that you haven’t missed anything off the list.

Be exhaustive!

After doing everything to make sure that you’ve covered everything that’s required for the job, you might just want to go the whole hog and finish off the job advert. However, to get the most out of the ad, and the entire recruitment process for that matter, it might be worth enlisting the help of recruitment specialists to construct a web-enhanced advert that will reach as many job seekers as possible. After all, it would be a shame if you had decided on the ideal list of skills but your advert failed to reach enough suitable candidates.

And if you did decide to go with the recruiting services of, say, eRecruit Solutions, giving us an exhaustive list of skills for the role will boost your chances of finding the right candidate immeasurably.