The Key to Call Centre Recruitment

eRecruit Solutions points out the key to Call Centre Recruitment

Call centre recruitment is an area in constant and increasing demand, so maintaining a solid recruitment strategy and keeping costs down at the same time can be challenging. Luckily, the positions are often sought after too, so roles don’t have to be tricky to fill. As contact centre recruiter extraordinaires, eRecruit have some handy tips to share about the continuous and ongoing recruitment of staff.

Sell it Right

Call centre roles are difficult positions to retain employees within. It is therefore important to promote you recruitment campaign in the right light. The idea is to promote growth and expansion as opposed to lack of retention. Keeping many staff for a short period of time is perfectly normal in the call centre world, so don’t let it reflect against your business negatively. Growth or expansion are buzz words that jobseekers quite like to read – it suggests a better chance of getting employed, as more people are being hired. Let it therefore be your pull factor that you need to do mass recruitment. eRecruit solutions can write a web enhanced ad for you, that ticks all the boxes and appeals to the right type of candidates you need.

Keep Morale High

A great way to appeal to potential new staff is to keep morale and positivity high with your current employees. Happy people work harder and stay in their positions longer. Encouraging friendship and teambuilding are all great ways to keep the atmosphere in your centre buzzing. In turn, this helps productivity and drives results in areas you need it most, such as customer service and sales. Start with simple ideas like starting sports teams to encourage team building (and a little healthy competition at the same time!).

Keep Costs Down

Recruitment agencies might be a traditional route for most call centre recruiters. A rapid turnover of staff, however, means that paying a cost per hire can mount up to hefty amounts. Call centre recruiters accept that while their roles are quite sought after, some people often have other career plans they wish to pursue in the long term. Paying per member staff becomes pointless  when there is no guarantee the staff you have paid for will stay with you for very long. The way forward is to pay one fee that covers all your recruitment – hiring as many people as you need for a set amount. eRecruit Solutions currently work with many large call centres that have continuous need for staff, and have helped save thousands.

Luckily, plenty of jobseekers out there are keen to work in a call centre role. So with the right methods and tactics, it’s easy to see how recruiting call centre staff can be a straight forward, smooth process.