What Do You Know About Your Vacancy?

What Do You Know About Your Vacancy?

The most effective way to secure the best fit for your vacancy is to have criteria that suits your vacancy well. You already know what the job your advertising requires, but this doesn’t mean others do. To attract the best candidates, it’s important to advertise a vacancy that appeals to the right type of person. Here are some ways you can identify and appeal to the right candidates for you.

Don’t Pigeonhole

Finding people with specific skill is important, but not to the extreme extent that it becomes unappealing to people with a range of skills. It can be detrimental to advertise a job title with containing a specific technical skill if you’d rather employ someone who has a variety of skills. Jobseekers are more drawn to positions that require them to use several of the skills they have accumulated. If you want a generalist, don’t ask for an expert. If you want an expert, don’t ask for generalist. The REC qualified team at eRecruit write job adverts like it’s going out of fashion, so can easily whip you up an ad that ticks all your boxes.

Know Your Company Culture

Are you interesting in employing someone friendly and who can have a laugh, or someone more assertive and forthright with their opinions? This will differ hugely depending on what industry or type of company you are recruiting for. Defining and realising your company culture is a great way to help define what type of candidate would be ideal. While skills and experience are a priority, cultural fits are often what takes an applicant from being suitable to ideal.

Know Your Skills

Defining the technical requirements of a role is fairly straightforward, as well as deciding how much experience you would prefer. The personal skills of a role are often a bit more ambiguous. It’s also important not to confuse personal skills with personality and fitting in to company culture. Personal skills are only beneficial if they directly impact the performance of the candidate’s workload. Think about previous or current employees that are doing well. What makes them succeed? This gives you a great starting block to know what you require from new employees. Be careful not to stick to this too strictly to the point where you are expecting you find exact copies: a little variety makes a more dynamic team after all. Personal skills that you need can be found not just from your industry but from a variety of roles.

Keeping an open mind is ultimately the best way to recruit. These steps, however should help the applicant to get a better understanding of the role you are advertising. This benefits you because it means you attract the perfect kettle of fish for your company. With a little help from the eRecruit team, your vacancy can be viewed on over 1,800 job boards, meaning the scope to reach new, fresh and eager candidates is huge.