What to Look for When Hiring Sales Managers

CV interview

Sales managers are incredibly important to the success of your business as they are responsible for leading and evolving the team, as well as keeping a good level of morale and setting a good example. Therefore when it comes to recruiting sales managers, you need to give yourself the best possible chance of securing the right candidate for the job. Industry knowledge is not as important as you might think – just as product knowledge isn’t vital for a salesperson – as this can be learnt on the job. What is crucial is evidence of the candidate’s ability to both lead and manage a team effectively. So what do you need to consider when looking for the right sales manager for your business?

Recruitment Strategy

You need to uncover a candidate’s method of screening sales applicants so you can determine whether it will work well in your company or not. Ask them how they would define the perfect sales candidate and how they’d use this to evaluate their suitability. It’s also worth finding out how they differentiate between essential and preferred qualities when assessing candidates to discover whether this fits with your ideas of a successful hiring process. Your sales manager should always be on the lookout for efficient sales staff even if the company isn’t actively looking to hire anyone. Look out for someone who shows an eagerness to be on the pulse when it comes to finding new talent for the team.


Your sales team need someone who they can look up to, who inspires them to reach their potential not just for themselves but for the whole team. Therefore you need to discover how the candidate plans to rally their team behind them and establish a positive working environment to better achieve results. Your sales team are more likely to stick at it and work hard if their manager is someone who they admire and respect.

Team Development

When a new salesperson joins the team they will need support and guidance from a manager who can help them integrate into the team and start delivering results in a short space of time. Ask your sales management candidates how they plan to increase productivity in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, find out how they plan to develop the skills of their team: do they have a specific method or plan and how do they assess its progress? You need to gain an idea of how the candidate makes decisions in terms of who’s performing well, who needs support and who isn’t up to scratch in order to get the most out of their team. A good sales manager knows where to offer their guidance, who to offer encouragement to and when to cut ties for the benefit of the team/company.


To ascertain whether someone is going to be a good fit for your company and deliver the results you require, you need to discover how exactly the sales manager candidate will approach their new role if they’re successful. Enquire about their previous experiences – how have they handled a similar role in the past and what results were gained from it? By asking about their approach to their work and how they plan to make a difference to your company, you can determine whether you’re interested and have faith in their strategy or whether it’s simply not right for your business.

So if you’re looking for a sales manager that is going to make a real difference to your company and help you maintain a successful sales team, these four pointers are worth considering. This is one of the most important positions to hire for due to the great responsibility it holds in terms of providing results for your business, therefore extra care needs to be taken in terms of making the best possible hire.