Looking for a Top Sales Team? Consider Your Brand Values

Considering Your Brand Values

There are many qualities that great sales people share, such as confidence, resilience and motivation. But does a sales person that ticks all the standard boxes still tick the boxes to work for your company? In recent years, the importance of cultural fit has come to the fore of recruitment strategies and models as having proven importance. So what is cultural fit, and why is it so important in sales staff?

Cultural Values

Cultural fit is the art of fitting in with a company’s values, driving forces and methods. As well as an established brand and voice, your company will have a set of aims and values that underpin the service or products you provide. These aims and values need to also be important to your staff in order for them to be passionate about their work. For example, if the driving force behind your business is save your clients/customers time, your staff need to be flexible and willing to go the extra mile. Staff in general need to be able to broadcast the messages your company aims to give out. On top of this, companies that are clear about their messages and aims are more likely to secure B2B sales and contracts. It becomes heavily important that your sales staff can successfully broadcast the core values of your company to their clients, customers and business contacts.

Being Transparent

Having a clear company culture that is in keeping with your brand will enable you to work more harmoniously with other businesses that have shared values. Trying to fit into every slot is not always the best business strategy, as it may give the impression that your company has nothing unique to offer. Standing out and offering something slightly different is an excellent way to engage with clients. It’s therefore worthwhile hiring sales staff that use creative and interesting methods, rather than overused methods which clients/customers tire of easily.

Sales Sales Sales

With the importance of having a good company culture being apparent, what should you be looking for in your new sales staff? The main factor that determines whether somebody would be a good fit is attitude – how they approach tasks and what impression they give off. Considering the mind-set of your clients/customers, would they be likely to buy from this person? Do they give off the right amount of positivity and confidence to instil faith in your company’s products and services? All these factors are important to ensure that your company remains a strong brand that can be relied upon.

To enhance your ability to recruit unique, talented sales people, start by looking for people that can slot straight in to a cog in the machine. Like-minded people make great teams, helping boost productivity levels and job satisfaction all round.