Managing a Wide Talent Pool

Managing a Wide Talent Pool

We’ve previously mentioned how online, flat-fee recruitment is a great option for sourcing the best possible candidates for job vacancies. Whilst it has its obvious benefits: low cost, provision of the entire recruitment service and access to a wide pool of talent, it’s equally important to be capable of dealing with that large talent pool. It’s no use having access to thousands of CVs if the turnaround process takes far too long to complete and provides unsuitable candidates.

eRecruit Solutions have a team of skilled staff who use their experience in online recruitment to quickly and effectively handpick the strongest candidates for a low fee. Since our job adverts reach such a huge selection of people, here’s how we manage to overcome some of the obstacles involved in having so many candidates to choose from.

Understanding the client’s needs

Working with a company to understand what sort of candidate they’re looking for is an essential part of the recruitment process- it would be counter-productive to launch a large recruitment campaign and come back with a shortlist of candidates, only to discover that they were lacking the skills that were actually required for the role. By working closely with the client to understand exactly what they’re looking for, they’re far more likely to receive a shortlist of 10 excellent candidates rather than 100 unsuitable ones.

Writing the perfect job advert

Once the needs of the client are understood, then it’s time to construct the job advert that will reach as many of the right candidates as possible. In the huge talent pool of online recruitment a well-written job advert can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaign. Using targeted SEO copy to ensure the advert is on the first page of job searches as well as citing the specific skill set as outlined by the client will go a long way to find the best applicant; not just a reasonable one.

Having knowledgeable staff

It will be tough to understand exactly what type of candidate is required and then write a suitable advert if the staff don’t have the relevant knowledge and experience to do so. By having a team that have knowledge of the business and experience of the marketplace, implementing a successful online recruitment campaign can be made even easier.

Efficient candidate screening

Once the advert has been published and applications received, it’s time to sift through the CVs and decide on the best options: usually by screening a selection of candidates. An important part of the process, as there is often no substitute for talking to someone over the phone or face-to-face to get to know a little more about them. With so many potential candidates out there, a skilled team who are able to efficiently screen applicants to provide the best possible shortlist is absolutely essential.