The Modern Savvy Job Seeker

The modern job seeker has never been so savvy to recruitment. That’s not to say there aren’t job seekers with bad habits – far from it – but on the whole, the average job seeker has access to professional advice at the click of a button. This includes CV writing, interviewing, test centres and tips on such topics as salary negotiation.

The internet has even allowed the process of job searching to become more diligent. This democratisation of information and opportunity has also led to greater turnover, with workers more likely to change jobs than they were ten years ago.

But what does this mean for you?

Simply, candidates can present themselves – their skills, experience and offerings – more succinctly and attractively than ever before. However, despite the package being improved, the content and results won’t necessarily be, and you should be wise to this.

The best way to avoid making a bad hire is to partner with an online recruitment agency like us. Our years of experience dealing with candidates, coupled with our excellent screening methods, means you’ll hire the right person, first time, all for a one-off, fixed rate.

So, which areas of job acquisition are candidates improving on? Let’s take a look.


The dawn of the perfect CV is upon us. There are companies now dedicated to reviewing and refining candidate CVs, meaning many CVs will arrive in employer inboxes looking unbelievably flawless. Not only that, but candidates have free access to websites, articles and blogs, many written by professionals, and all giving relevant advice on how to write the perfect resume.

To combat this, ask the right, pertinent questions during any screening or interview process. It won’t be long before you’ll recognise the wheat from the chaff.

Structured interview techniques and behavioural interrogation

Candidates are now savvy to the structure of interviews and behavioural lines of questioning. Some employers even forewarn candidates of the structure and content of interviews, giving hints on how to prepare.

The easiest way to recognise true talent is throw curveball questions into the mix, or perhaps even a spot skills test.

Aptitude tests

Online sites and other resources now allow candidates to practice standard industry tests. The question here is: has the candidate actually heightened their intelligence level, or simply improved their ability to pass a test?
The solution: get savvy to online tests and individualise yours.

Salary negotiation

Modern candidates have become somewhat fearless negotiators. This is because the power balance is more equal than ever. Candidates know how much companies invest in recruitment and desire the best talent, and so they are confident when it comes to taking the reins. The good news is that hard negotiators are usually top talent; they know what they are worth and will back it up.

If you find yourself in this position, check the candidate’s previous salary and negotiate in accordance with standard industry pay rises.