Even More Recruitment Mistakes

Biggest Business Blunders

Last month we published an article on the top recruitment blunders. Consider this a continuation of that list, looking at the most rampant slip ups made by bosses and recruiters.

Searching for superman or superwoman

He or she doesn’t exist. Get over it. A candidate may have a flawless CV or give a stellar interview, but rarely will they preserve your idea of perfection. And that’s because perfect employees are crafted over time, through brand awareness, strong leadership and development training.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have standards, but just be flexible. Don’t discount a candidate because they only meet nine of your ten requirements.

Offering less than you’re prepared to pay

This may sound like a good idea: offering a lower salary to cushion the blow of any counter offer. In practice, however, this can have negative effects. Candidates can feel underappreciated, especially if they haven’t tried to negotiate the wage. You also deter top talent from applying.

Candidates understand their worth and want to be compensated appropriately. Obvious low-wage offers are not good practice.

Hiring for speed, not quality

Quick hires can work, if done properly (preferably through a recruitment agency), but they are inherently problematic. First, your business could appear desperate, which may put off serious and ambitious candidates. Also, a quick hire often leads to quick turnover, which will ultimately cost more time and money in rehiring.

Not having a backup

A big mistake that bosses and even external recruiters make is not securing a backup candidate. Do not assume that a candidate will always accept a job offer. Smart companies realise that they won’t always secure their first choice, so always have a second candidate.
Like anything in life, a Plan B is essential. Fail to plan; plan to fail. Recruiters should always have a backup too.

Inability to sell the job role

Just as candidates are expected to sell themselves to employers, employers need to sell their companies to candidates. And if employers can’t make their jobs sound appealing, the chance of attracting the best candidates wanes. Even worse is a recruiter who is obviously dispassionate or unknowledgeable about a brand.

If this sounds like you – quite simply, you’ll get what you deserve.

Using too many recruitment agencies

Often, companies will go and pay for numerous recruitment services to handle a single vacancy. Remember that a recruitment agency is an extension of your business; a partnership. You can’t expect to forge quality relationships with multiple service providers. It also means you can’t monitor each agency’s actions properly, leaving you vulnerable to misrepresentation or poor service.

Ultimately, it’s a waste of money. Pick one recruitment agency to partner with. No surprises here, but we recommend a flat-rate online recruitment agency. It means you get the entire recruitment service, which sources the best candidates, all for a one-off fixed fee. Also, you benefit from years of marketplace knowledge and expertise, helping you combat all the recruitment blunders listed in this article.