Living Life in the Fast Lane – Why Slow Recruitment Won’t Get You Far

eRecruit Solutions discusses the disadvantages of Slow Recruitment methods

There are a whole host of reasons why a quick recruitment process is important. From maintaining candidate interest to reducing costs, the benefits of a speedy and efficient recruitment process are plentiful. Here are our top reasons on why good timekeeping is so important.

Securing Talent

After receiving the response from your vacancy, it’s important you pick up the interested candidates straight away. The consequences of this can be that you lose out on your preferred candidates to another company – a common issue. What’s more, candidates can forget about the role they applied for, especially if they applied to several similar vacancies. Securing the best talent means getting in touch with them as soon as possible.

Filling Seats

Whether you’re filling an actual vacancy or increasing staff numbers, it’s important not to let the vacancies linger too long or become stale. Lack of staff can burden the current team for too long and put too much strain on your existing workforce. If you leave vacancies for too long before filling them, others can occur before you successfully managed to fill the last one. In order to keep staffing levels at their required amount, a quick turnaround on your applications is key.

Reducing Costs

Unsuccessfully contacting candidates in time to hire them means that more recruiting has be done, incurring further costs. It’s much more cost effective to put the wind behind the sails of your initial campaign and ensure it’s a roaring success. Ideally, applicants should be contacted within two weeks of making their application, to discuss their application, arrange interviews and the like. This is a sure fire way of being confident that the candidates are still very much interested in your vacancy.

Luckily, online recruitment allows applications to come through immediately. This means that you can call candidates and begin interviewing straight away.  Working with eRecruit means you will only receive CVs relevant to your requirements and criteria, saving you even more time.