#candidate and Networking Platforms By Joe Gregory


Social media networking platforms have had an unprecedented impact on business communication, increasing profitability, sustaining reputation and empowering employees. Today, social media is also being used in HR for internal communication as well as for recruitment purposes. In fact, according to a recent survey by Jobvite, a growing number of companies are using social media to recruit talent. Jobvite say “the social recruiting trend is on the rise as recruiters continue to retain higher quality candidates through social networks…’’ *

Below is a summary of their findings:
• 92% use or plan to use social recruiting
• 43% of recruiters who use social recruiting saw an increase in candidate quality
• 73% have successfully hired a candidate through social media networking
• 31% of recruiters using social recruiting have seen a sustained increase in employee referrals

So what are the advantages of utilizing social media in terms of recruitment? First most, it is more efficient. Organisations can use social media to tap potential talent pools and recruits much more easily by advertising vacancies and searching for candidates on many platforms such as LinkedIn, for example. However, LinkedIn and other social media applications can actually be used for much more than simply a job post site. Social recruiting can be used to increase effectiveness and forge new and relationships between employees and employers. Rather than simply recruiting the person with the best-looking CV, social media can ensure that that person is also the best fit for the company.

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*source: Jobvite 2012 Social Recruiting Survey http://recruiting.jobvite.com/resources/social-recruiting-infographic.php