New Recruiting Method – Involve Current Employees

New Recruitment Process is to use your Staff

If you’re finding that hiring the wrong person for the job is costing you money, time and resources then we may just have a new method that could improve your recruiting strategy. No one knows better than your current employees what it takes to succeed in the job on offer, as they are the ones with experience in it already, so use the input of your current employees to discover the potential of the candidates you interview. Here’s how you can use it to develop your employment services:

Increase Loyalty and Morale

Tension can be caused when adding a new employee to an already established team, so this is a good method of relieving this and ensuring your employees gel together. Involving your current employees in the hiring process will not only encourage their loyalty to you as a company (they will appreciate the responsibility), but also to the person you hire. If your employees have faith and respect for the chosen candidate then you will establish loyalty and increase morale amongst your employees, which will only create positive outcomes for the business.

Make Introductions

Amazon’s ‘bar raiser’ programme goes as far as leaving the recruitment process completely in the hands of current employees. Dave Clark, vice president of Amazon’s worldwide operations, has stated that having ‘bar raiser’ employees: ‘help[s] bring a consistency of the types of skill sets and perspectives’ that the company seeks. One way you can involve your employees without giving them complete responsibility is to simply invite them into the interviews. Select one employee for the first-round interviews and another for the second to gain more perspectives. In addition, as part of the interview process why not take the candidate for a tour around the office. Introduce them to the team they could potentially be working with and either excuse yourself for a moment or simply allow the group to interact with the applicant for a few minutes. You will be able to witness the chemistry between the candidate and the employees they would be working with, deciphering whether they could work well together.

Gain Feedback       

It’s important to get different perspectives when hiring new staff in order to achieve a more insightful view of your candidates. By establishing your expectations and sharing these with your employees, you can ask for their gut feeling and opinions on the applicants. To ensure you receive honest feedback, ask for their opinions in private to avoid any intimidation or group influence. Compare your thoughts and notes with your employees: this will help you to establish which candidate has impressed across the board.  

You can still have the final say when it comes to hiring new employees, but gaining different perspectives will help you to consider your choice wisely. Allowing your employees to get involved could result in selecting the right candidate for the job more frequently, thus strengthening your workforce.