Unfilled vacancy? Stop looking for the ‘perfect’ candidate!

Stop Looking for the "Perfect" Candidate

Vacancies can go unfilled for months or even years when companies insist on looking for that ‘perfect’ candidate. This can be dangerous for the business as both time and money is wasted on advertising and interviewing for the position. In truth, there are probably plenty of candidates out there that could succeed in the role, even if they don’t fit every single one of your requirements. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent your fixation with finding the ‘perfect’ candidate so you no longer miss out on well-suited applicants. Furthermore, eRecruit can support this change in your recruitment strategy through our flat-fee and online recruitment services.

Assess your strategy.
You need to know precisely what you are looking for in a new hire to have any chance of discovering a suitable candidate. If you don’t have a particular strategy then you’re more likely to waste your resources interviewing candidates which a little effort would have revealed are unsuitable for the position. Part of this process should entail deciding on your requirements for the job role. However, when composing this list, take care not to have an endless list of ‘must haves’. This will either deter many perfectly able candidates from applying or encourage you to dismiss applicants because they are not fitting your unrealistic demands. Really think about which requirements are essential and which could potentially be developed with some training.

Focus on training.
Your money can be more wisely spent on training qualified candidates rather than leaving vacancies open ready for that ‘perfect’ candidate who is impossible to find. Making the effort to train all of your new employees will help you to reduce your turnover as your staff retention will improve. Your employees will be happier thanks to their extensive knowledge of both their role and their contribution to the success of the company.

Target the right candidates.
There’s no use displaying your job ad anywhere and everywhere as this will only increase the number of unsuitable candidates. This is why your recruiter/hiring managers should be targeting the right applicants through social networks and specific job boards. This is where eRecruit can help: with access to over 1,800 job boards, we guarantee that your job ad will always be in front of the right candidates who are actively seeking a role such as the one you’re offering. Furthermore, our screening process ensures that you are only sent the candidates that best suit your position, saving you endless amounts of time.

Consider past candidates.
Now you have adjusted your perspective in order to be rid of the ‘perfect’ candidate myth and embrace talented applicants, consider those you’ve previously overlooked or dismissed due to them lacking a small requirement. Search for those that came across well either on paper or in the interview and had good experience – even if they weren’t perfect. If possible invite them back for an interview where you can reassess their suitability and see if they would fit into the company culture by having them meet the rest of the team. Thanks to eRecruit’s flat-fee recruitment strategy, there will be no extra costs if you decide to contact and hire previous candidates from the CVs we’ve already sent you, as you are charged per role not per applicant hired.

Following these steps will help you to adjust your recruitment strategy so you are not blinded by the idea of a ‘perfect’ candidate. This will enable you to realise when you have the right type of applicant in front of you, even if you may need to support them at first with some training to help them succeed. eRecruit Solutions can support you through this process to ensure you fill your vacancies with the best candidates, thus reducing your turnover and the costs involved.