Bridge the Skills Gap by Offering Apprenticeships

Offering Apprenticeships is best

There’s nothing more frustrating than an interviewee who has the passion and charisma you’re looking for, but who lacks the specialist skills required for the job. Unfortunately, this is happening more frequently as the current skills shortage is forcing employers to leave positions vacant. However, there is a way you can bridge the skills gap and ensure you employ the right people for your specialist positions. Apprenticeships include specific training and hands-on experience to enable employees to expand their knowledge of the industry and develop the specialised skills required for their job role. But what benefits can offering apprenticeship schemes bring to your business?

Staff Retention  

You will establish loyalty with your apprentices as a result of the support and guidance you provide them with throughout their programme. This will encourage them to remain at your company for longer, thus significantly reducing your turnover. With more of your employees remaining in their jobs, the less money you will have to spend on external recruitment. This leaves you with more money to invest in the hiring and training of your apprentices who are more likely to stay loyal and succeed than other candidates.


An apprenticeship provides the employee with the skills and in-depth knowledge they need to succeed in both your company and the industry as a whole. By creating an apprenticeship scheme within your business, you can mould your apprentices into exactly the sort of employees your business needs to thrive.  In particular, you can focus on the development of specialist skills that will boost the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Work Environment 

As a reward for the dedication you have shown to the career development of your apprentices, they will be far more motivated and eager to produce top quality results for your company. Their enthusiasm will soon become infectious, encouraging their fellow employees to work hard and improving the working environment as a result. Once again, this will help to boost productivity and reduce turnover as your staff are content in their roles.

The Stats:

  • Over 80% of employers who hire apprentices agree they make their workplace more productive.
  • 92% of them believe that apprenticeships lead to a workforce that’s more motivated and satisfied.
  • 83% rely on their apprenticeships programme to provide the skilled workers that they need for the future.
  • One in five employers are hiring more apprentices to help them through the tough economic climate.

Offering apprenticeships can see your business reaping many rewards as turnover costs are significantly reduced, productivity is boosted and the quality of work is improved. It’s important for employers to realise the great benefits to be had when adjusting their recruitment strategies to focus on employing apprentices. The reality is, your contribution to their career development will result in a highly skilled workforce that’s able to future-proof your business.