Offering Work Experience – Benefits for Employers and Candidates

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You may already welcome in work experience candidates, but for many companies it’s something they have not previously considered. However, there are a lot of benefits to be reaped for the company as well as the candidates, making it an option well worth considering.

Meet Potential New Hires

If you’re looking to take on fresh new talent with lots of potential, work experience schemes are a great way to do this. It will give you the chance to see if the candidates have what it takes to join the workplace. The fact that they are electing to do work experience in the first instance makes it likely they will be savvy candidates with a good work ethic. If a candidate struggles or isn’t suited towards the work, you aren’t obliged to hire them, but also it will be a good sign to that candidate that perhaps a different role or career route would be better for them.

Benefit the Company

Whether you make hires from work experience placements or not, it can help you determine what it is you really need from your future employees. The nature of the tasks you delegate to the candidate will suggest to you areas that need more man-power or more attention. Also, the skills that you find most valuable in your work experience candidates indicate the factors you will find most impressive and useful in new staff. It also helps your company give something back and help young people into employment, be they in school or studying for a degree.

Help Productivity

Bringing in work experience candidates can be a great way to provide you cover during a particularly busy period. An extra pair of hands is always useful, and it also means that the candidate will get the chance to experience the real work you do, as opposed to having to find work to occupy them. People on work experience in your company can also help existing staff to be more productive as they may feel the need to set a good example.