How to Best Utilise Online Job Boards

How to use Job Boards by eRecruit Solutions

Online job boards have on the whole done a great deal for speeding up and simplifying candidate sourcing. However, it is still important that they are used correctly in order to get the best possible results. So what tips and tricks can help you do this? We’ve shared a few of ours.


The older your job ad, the more it slips down the page when users search for a relevant vacancy. As with most things on the internet, new, fresher content gets picked up first. It’s for this reason that reposting job ads is a great idea. Instead of posting the same vacancy and leaving it up for four weeks, re-post it every week. This keeps it at the top of search results, meaning it attracts a lot more overall applications. We offer recruitment packages that include reposting of ads, as well as exposure across over 1800 job boards.


As well as posting across a lot of different job boards, it’s important to use the correct ones. Specialist job boards are a favourite with candidates as they make their job search a lot quicker, by narrowing down their search by industry. It’s therefore good to have a presence on these in order to attract the most relevant candidates. As well as posting on all the major and most popular job boards, we also include a lot of specialist ones including ones for the sales sector, IT sector and more.


Not everyone is willing to travel for a job, so location is a key aspect in the sourcing of candidates. Some candidates may even refine their search by location and location only. This makes it crucial to pin down a primary location for the vacancies being advertised, in order to make them as searchable as possible. As well as ensuring a location is allocated to each vacancy, it’s also a great idea to use local job boards. In a similar way to specialist sites by sector, candidates enjoy using anything that refines their search.

Use the Right Ones

There’s no clear rhyme, reason or science behind why certain candidates prefer using certain job boards. There are too many factors affecting the choice, and it just boils down to personal preference. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure that all your boxes are checked and to cover as many job boards as possible, including the big names (Monster, Total Jobs, CV-Library) but also smaller ones.

When used in the best possible way, job boards are a crucial tool for online recruitment, saving time and money. To see how you could get great access to a whole bunch of them, contact us today.