Online Recruitment – Cutting Costs and Making Sense

eRecruit Solutions discusses the advantages of Internet for businesses

Many companies are still new to the new to the online recruitment model. To us, it’s old hat. eRecruit Solutions were one of the first exclusively online flat fee recruiters, and we’ve been on the circuit for six years. While we’ve been adamant for a while that this is the new frontier of recruiting, it seems that more and more people are agreeing with us. And here’s why.

Save Essential Cash

The need to tighten belts and save has been high on the agenda for many businesses for years. And where there isn’t necessarily a need, there will often be a want. According to the CIPD’s 2013 Resourcing and Talent Planning survey, 50% of companies are looking to reduce what they spend on recruitment. This specifically applies to reducing spend with recruitment agencies. If using a standard recruitment agency, some employers fall into the trap of negotiating a lower rate on the cost per hire of candidate. While this seems like a great deal at the time, the reality is, the best talent is being sent to the agencies clients that are paying more than you. The easiest way to free up more cash is to stop using standard recruitment agencies whatsoever and just pay a flat fee for all your recruitment campaigns. eRecruit Solutions provide a great service for high volume recruitment and allow you the flexibility to hire as many candidates you need, under one fee.

Utilise Technology

Thankfully, online recruitment helps make the hiring process the fastest it has been for years. Using new technology or making better use of it has also been pinned down as a big priority for a good proportion of employers. The main benefits of online recruitment are reaching large amounts of people in small amounts of time. So with this in mind, could it be time to assess how much exposure your recruitment campaigns actually receive? Posting on job boards individually can be expensive – limiting you to only be able to use a handful. The team here at eRecruit have access to 1,800 sites where the majority of applicants are looking for their next role. You can have a presence on these from £599. As well as this, social media has very much come into the fore as a useful recruitment tool. LinkedIn especially can be useful to attract keen candidates.

Brand Development

In addition to these two big factors, a big priority for many companies is to develop and expand their company brand within the hiring process. So how can online recruitment help with this? Candidates and the public appreciate job roles that are easy to find and clear about how to apply. Posting an ad through eRecruit can ensure your campaign is as candidate friendly as possible. This includes well-worded job ads that attract the right kind of candidates you wish to engage with. There are many factors that can help you to achieve this, including tone of voice and terminology that will appeal to differing levels of experience. Working with eRecruit will see you provided with a job ad that meets all your criteria.

These are just some of the reasons that so many companies are switching to a faster, simpler and cheaper method of recruitment. To avoid getting left behind, check out what we can offer you.