Organic Recruitment – The Best Strategy to Grow Your Business

The Best Strategies to Grow Your Business

In the digital age it’s becoming easier and easier for companies to simplify their recruitment process. While it may not initially seem so, organic recruitment is often the cheapest but also most effective method of sourcing staff.   Here are the major benefits of recruiting yourselves.

Short Supply Chain

By avoiding job agencies, you don’t have to be supplied with candidates that have been passed from company to company before they walk through your doors. 49% of UK staff suppliers use two or more intermediaries, making the recruitment process much longer and complicated than need be. Today, many candidates shy away from joining agencies as negative experiences can majorly put them off. Candidates that choose to conscientiously look for work themselves are the type of people that can add real value to your business.


For many businesses, it’s a priority to know where their candidates come from. After the government announced plans in late 2013 to introduce more legislation concerning the use of offshore employment intermediaries, supply chains have become a question of concern for many hirers. Without having to worry about tax avoidance or similar, there are ways to keep the cost of recruitment down, bringing us smoothly onto our next point.

Low Cost

Paying a cost per person hired is one of the most expensive ways to recruit, but also one of the most outdated. Using a modern and flexible recruitment model run by eRecruit allows you to recruit and unlimited number of candidates for one fixed fee, saving thousands. Receiving tailored CVs and applications for your vacancy saves you even more time and effort, and also allows you to interview and meet your candidates in a method that suits you and your company.

With a little help, recruitment really can be plain sailing. Increased involvement in your own recruitment processes means you can bring in carefully selected candidates that have reached you directly from online job boards, with a real drive and desire to work with you. What more could you ask for?