Dealing with Your Own Recruitment Process – The Way Forward?

What's your Own Recruitment Process?

There’s a lot to be said about keeping your recruitment close to home. After all, no one knows your business better than you do. So how do you keep your in-house team using the most cost and time effective recruitment methods while making sure your hiring process gets enough love and attention it deserves? eRecruit Solutions have all the answers.

Define Your Criteria

The best part about in-house recruiting is that you can afford to be selective. Instead of getting run of the mill job agency candidates, the relevance of your candidates can come specifically from ads that you help generate. Defining things such as years of experience, level of education and any specific skills that you require from your future staff is the best way of cutting down the time you spend on recruiting. On the other side of things, applicants appreciate reading vacancies that are specific about what kind of candidates they are likely to hire. It also increases the chances of getting applications in

Meet Your Own Applicants

A major benefit of recruiting yourselves is that you can meet an interview your own candidates. This is preferable to many companies because it’s a much more effective way of hiring the right person to fit your company in particular. It’s difficult to gage if someone will be a good fit without assessing this yourselves. Sourcing your candidates through a flat fee package with eRecruit means that you get screened and relevant candidates into your inbox – all ready for the interview stage. This puts you ahead of the game in many respects, as although you are recruiting yourself, you’re not starting at the bottom.

Branch Out

Sometimes, not using a run of the mill job agency can improve your scope to reach more candidates dramatically. This is because a lot of them source from a limited network of sometimes just a few online resources. As you can imagine, this severely limits not only the diversity of the candidates found but also the amounts. More job ads posted mean more applications – simple as that! And the more to choose from means the chances of finding a quality candidate are massively heightened. Teaming together with eRecruit is where is where this really comes in handy, as they can broadcast your advert across a super wide network of over 1800 job boards. This way, you are obtaining candidates from the same sources (if not more) than all the standard job agencies. With added CV screening thrown in, the results are expansive and the calibre of candidate is relevant.

Dealing with your own recruitment really can be a pain-free and seamless process. Just make sure you are using the right resources and not paying any extortionate agency fees!