Matching the Perfect Candidate With the Perfect Role.

Perfect Candidates for the Perfect Role

All HR managers and employers will have experienced the frustration of finding the perfect CV or perfect candidate – but having no available vacancy for them. Here at eRecruit Solutions, we are firm believers in helping clients to build their own talent pools, and not to discard great CVs which they don’t have a role for. You never know when they could come in handy! So which CVs are worth keeping hold of?


You may come across a candidate that doesn’t quite fit the bill on this occasion. However, their CV or application may strongly indicate they are passionate about this particular field of work, and/or have a real desire to work for your company in particular. This may be especially relevant for candidates who have made a speculative application or enquired about vacancies in general. We are advocates of keeping the CVs of keen and speculative applicants on file. If their experience or qualifications don’t quite suit, they have added enthusiasm and dedication that gives them an edge over more experienced but perhaps less keen applicants.


Sometimes you receive CVs from applicants that sound great, but their background or qualifications don’t quite suit the role you’re trying to fill. In this case, don’t chuck them straight in the recycling bin. It may be worth your while retaining this type of CV on file in the case that a future vacancy pops up for a more junior role. Alternatively, you may decide that taking on a slightly underqualified applicant works out quite well. Through offering training and support, you can help mold these employees into your future business leaders. It may be a bigger investment now but can give a better return if you feel the applicant would have staying power and want to progress their career with you.


This is a similar dilemma, but the opposite predicament. You may find CVs from applicants who appear to be more suitable for a more advanced role. You may throw them straight on the ‘no’ pile, expecting that they will expect a higher salary than you are willing to provide. However, retaining these types of applicants can add huge value to you company further down the line. The more experienced and good at their jobs people become, the more they get head-hunted and recruited for other roles. Experienced staff are also harder to recruit for than less experienced staff, so when senior vacancies crop up, it’s useful to have somewhere to start. If the people you contact aren’t interested in your vacancy, they may know someone who is.

Overall, there’s no harm in keeping any CV you deem to be good on file. It saves you time and money when you come to need recruitment, and means you can start off your candidate search with applicants who have expressed a real interest in working for you.