How to Make the Most of Phone Interviews

Make the best of Phone Interviews

Introducing phone screening into your interview process can save you time and money and after six successful years in the recruitment industry, eRecruit know just how precious this is for hiring managers. Phone interviews are a great tool to weed out any candidates who don’t possess the minimum requirements. As a result, your in-person interviews can be saved for applicants who stand a good chance of achieving the role. Here are our tips on how to make this recruitment strategy effective for you.

Stick to 30 minutes

The idea of adopting this recruitment strategy is to save time, therefore you must keep the calls concise and try to structure the interview. A popular method is to spend the first five minutes putting the applicant at ease by giving a brief about the company and the job on offer. Then use the next twenty minutes to ask your questions and the final five to answer any questions they may have for you.

Standardise the questions

Particularly if you have more than one interviewer, it’s best to create a stock of interview questions that you can all use as a basic structure for your interview. This will ensure candidates face a fair and consistent process. The job description should include the most important requirements for the position, therefore your standardised questions should be used to clarify whether the applicant truly meets these requirements.

Quiz your colleagues 

You need to be sure that your questions will retrieve the answers you need, without causing too much confusion for the candidate. By posing your questions to colleagues in the same or a similar role as the one you’re recruiting for, you can discover whether your questions are too difficult or vague and receive suggestions on what else to include. Taking the time to assess your questions can enable you to feel more confident in terms of judging the candidates effectively.

Know the applicant

Just as you would expect the applicant to have prepared before your phone interview, so should you by making sure you know who you’re interviewing. Have another read through their CV and make sure you have it in front of you during the interview so you can refer to it throughout. Your questions can then be aimed at clarifying various statements they’ve made on their CV. By ensuring you’re clued up on the skills and qualifications of the candidate beforehand, you can keep your discussion focused. However, try to give the candidate the reign of the conversation so you’re able to gain an insight into how they would fit in with your company.

As well as offering our flat-fee and online recruitment services to save you time and money, eRecruit are always on the lookout for different recruitment strategies that will improve your recruitment process. Phone interviews can help you to determine which of your applicants are worth meeting in-person, therefore your resources can be saved for those who stand a good chance of succeeding in your position.