Putting the Candidate’s Experience First

eRecruit Solutions knows how to put Candidates Experience first

Successful and proactive recruitment is all about identifying the needs, wants and tendencies of the candidate. When sourcing candidates directly, this becomes even more important. eRecruit have been practising online recruitment with the candidate at the forefront of what we do from the very first day. So here’s a bit more about how to tailor recruitment towards candidates, and how this can lead to better hires.

Reaching Out

You may have heard that 80% of jobseekers look for their next role online. With this in mind, it’s important to utilise technology to its full extent, in order to be as candidate friendly as possible. Posting across several job boards several times allows your vacancy to be one of the first results. The inevitability is that you’re ad will get substantially more traffic as it becomes a lot easier for the candidate to find. A crucial difference to online jobseekers compared to agency staff is that they are active, not passive. Proactively looking and applying for roles means they have a genuine interest in your role, instead of accepting any role. The circumstances surrounding the sourcing of candidates are heavily dependent on the type of candidate you receive.

Response and Recognition

A frustrating aspect of online job applications for many candidates is not receiving any response. This is especially an issue for keen candidates that really wish to get on board. The advantages of sending candidates a response is that it retains their interest in your vacancy, making them more keen to get through to the interview stages. Here at eRecruit, every individual receives a response following their application. This gives them the confirmation that it has been received and a point of contact to reach if they have any queries or questions. Considering our previous point, it is important that candidates have access to more information if they need it. To ensure proactive and candidates are not put off, eRecruit manage the entire application process, meaning that you will not be bombarded and only have to contact candidates that are suitable for interview.

Retaining CVs

Another great aspect of flat fee recruitment is that you can keep hold of any CVs you receive that you can’t hire right now. Building your own talent pool is a great way of keeping future hires in the pipeline. It’s also great for you to be able to view what kind of applications your ads are attracting, rather than just getting run of the mill candidates delivered to you and not getting to understand why they want to work for you. Subsequently, contacting candidates directly that have caught your eye you means that they will be flattered and excited by your interested in them.

In general, proactive and direct recruiting makes it much easier to find candidates that are genuinely interested in your vacancy. This is so important because staff with a real desire to work for you are the kind that have staying power within your company, saving you more money on potential hires.