Reaching the on-the-go Jobseeker

On the Go Jobseeker is highly valued

The modern jobseeker no longer looks for vacancies in the paper or even at job centre. According to a Google consumer survey, 88% of online jobseekers will search for vacancies on a mobile device. With 80% of jobseekers using online job boards in general, it is absolutely essential for hirers to have a good online presence. Online recruitment specialists eRecruit Solutions have some great tips to share in terms of how to reach all these eager candidates.

Mobile Friendly

When jobseekers spot a vacancy which appeals to them they don’t like to miss out on the opportunity. This means they prefer to act as soon as they find something that could be for them. It is therefore important that technology allows them to do this. Otherwise, you could be missing out on top quality candidates that find vacancies elsewhere that are easier to apply to. Making sites as mobile friendly as possible enhances the ability to reach more people, therefore increasing your chances of finding the best candidates.

Top Job Boards

Jobseekers know which job boards are the most popular. They are more likely to check these more often, as they are under the impression that more jobs will be available on them to browse through. This in turn makes it more important for you to have your advert in the top job boards. The easiest way to do this is to maximise your exposure by broadcasting your vacancy across a vast network. eRecruit Solutions have access to over 1800 of the UK’s job boards, including specialist job boards for each sector.

Web Enhanced Ads

Online recruitment is at its most effective when the vacancy is written effectively. There are certain keywords and phrases that will optimise the position of your advert on job boards when candidates search for vacancies. These can be different for different types of job board, and it can take a little time to get it right. The team at eRecruit know exactly how to optimise ads to reach their top rankings so can implement this for you. As many jobseekers only search through the first few pages of job boards, being at the top of their search is crucial.


There are certain times where job seeking traffic is at its highest. There are various reasons for this; people using their weekends to be productive and apply for jobs, or workers struggling through their Monday mornings with the realisation that they wish they were doing something else. Either way, timing is another factor that can hugely optimise the traffic that your online vacancy receives.

The experience of the candidate at the other end of the process is hugely important in driving the results you require. It is therefore worthwhile investing in some of the simplest yet most effective online recruitment strategy around!