The Benefits of Realistic Job Previews

Benefits of Realistic Job Previews

As recruitment specialists, eRecruit are fully aware of just how important it is for you to find the best candidates so you can significantly reduce your turnover. As well as offering our great flat-fee recruitment services, we strive to present a variety of recruitment strategies for you to try so you can achieve this desired goal. A popular strategy that has emerged is that of realistic job previews. RJPs provide a more balanced insight of the available position, with both positive and negative aspects of the job made clear. But what are the benefits of using RJPs?

Deter unsuitable candidates.

By giving applicants a clearer picture of what they can expect from the job, you will enable them to make a better judgement of whether they are suitable for the vacancy or not. Therefore you won’t be wasting precious time, money and resources on unsuitable candidates who have reached the interview stage only to discover there are many aspects they dislike. Of course the side effect of realistic job previews is that the initial dropout rate of applicants will inevitably increase, but you can be reassured that the candidates who remain will be a much better fit for the company. Now you are able to spend all of your resources on the most qualified and suitable applicants who are more likely to be successful once you hire them.

Instil loyalty.

Recent surveys have revealed that if jobseekers receive a more accurate portrayal of the job on offer, then they are likely to stay within the company for longer after they’re rewarded the position. Therefore realistic job previews don’t just ensure you find the right candidates but they increase the loyalty of your employees, thus reducing turnover. This is thanks to all the cards being laid out on the table straight away, so there are no nasty surprises for the applicant once they get into the swing of the job. Instead, their understanding of the role can enable them to feel fully prepared for what it entails and they’ll have more passion and determination to progress.

What should RJPs include?

Perhaps the simplest form of a realistic job preview is simply being honest in the job description. You can do this by not leaving out any negative aspects of the job in order to give a more balanced and truthful depiction. You need to think about what information is essential for the applicant to be aware of before they accept the job, as you want to be sure they tick all the boxes before you hire them. If possible, provide applicants with a video which represents a typical day at the office, with comments and interviews with relevant employees. This will allow candidates to get a feel for the company culture and if the employees speak honestly about the role on offer, it will be easier for applicants to decide whether this is the right opportunity for them.

So if you’re looking for a recruitment strategy that enables you to save money and learn more about the candidates’ suitability before they accept your offer, then consider using realistic job previews. The sooner you give the candidate the opportunity to make an informed decision on whether they would be a good fit, the less time and money will be wasted on applicants who are unsuitable.