What Should You Look For When Recruiting For Client-Facing Roles?

Client Facing Roles

It’s safe to say that different roles can require different recruitment techniques and strategies. The workforce you recruit for is likely to be a diverse one, with lots of different cogs helping the business to run smoothly. When recruiting for client-facing roles, you’re hiring people to become the face and ambassadors of your company. So what extra measures do you need to take to make sure you find the right person/s for the job? What should you be looking out for?

Cultural Fit

We’ve spoken about this many a time – that’s because it’s so important. People prefer doing business with companies that have a central ethos and values – which are apparent. Good staff should share these values and have similar aims to what the company strives to provide for clients. You should aim to employ people like this across the board – but it is especially important in client-facing roles as they are the ones that secure future business. Cultural fit, unlike other criteria you may look for in your staff, is a factor that is slightly more ambiguous, therefore harder to assess. However, you will know it when you see it. Ask yourself the following questions. Could you see your clients getting on well with this person? Would this person deal with a problem in the right way? How will this person interact with other members of staff? This should help you to decide whether you feel the candidate could be a good cultural fit.


In client-facing roles, it’s imperative that you bring in staff that can treat your clients in the appropriate way. This will depend entirely on the industry you work in or the service you are providing, but it’s important to choose candidates who will establish positive client relationships. You might look for somebody who can crack a few jokes and be happy and positive, or someone who can be a bit more corporate and professional. Either way, you need to find the right match. No matter how amazing your company’s products and services are, people only like to buy from people who they like and who they feel understand their needs. It is therefore vital that your staff can convey this.

Organised and Switched On

Your client-facing staff are a walking, talking representation of the company, therefore they need to make the right impression. This includes people who are organised. Being late for meetings or forgetting to respond to emails are just some of the things that leave a negative impression in the minds of clients. It’s also important that staff can remember facts and statistics about the company, really understand the product they are dealing with and talk about it with confidence. When clients ask questions, it doesn’t leave a great impression if the representative from your company can’t answer them. It’s a good idea to get candidates to role play or represent to you before you hire them, so you can imagine what they would be like in a scenario with a client. You can also test how well-prepared they are, or how good they are at thinking on their feet.

So when recruiting for client facing role, the hiring process is a little different, but doesn’t need to be more complicated. Here at eRecruit, we source candidates for a range of roles, including sales, call centres and customer service. To find out more, get in touch today!