Reasons Why December Is a Great Time to Recruit with eRecruit By Greg Pendleton


December is strategically one of the most effective months to recruit and internet recruitment is the way forward.

candidates – Have more time to surf the net to job hunt

With colleagues taking time off for shopping, there is simply more time for individuals to look for a job on the internet. Top candidates have more time to troll through the job boards to find there desired job . Many people take their unused holidays in December as they lose it otherwise. The great thing is that they are unusually available for interviews. Finally, the week between Christmas and New Year’s (especially at firms that shut down during that week) is a time when candidates reflect on their life and work and whether it’s time to make a change.

There is little recruiting competition – because many corporate recruiting budgets run out in December

Top candidates are still looking for top jobs but a lot of companies have run out of budget and don’t advertise them so there is a huge opportunity to get in first and find the best candidates on the market.

Candidates highly active on social media – the Festive period is a prime time to be contacting friends, online shopping, and sending pictures . Taken together this means that candidates will frequently be online and therefore eRecruit Solutions is perfect.

It’s the time of year when people are thinking most about money– Christmas holidays mean extensive shopping, travel, and Christmas party expenses. As a result, it is a time where many individuals think about money i.e they want more and a job change is a start to that process.

Most companies don’t recruit heavily during this period, it’s easy for companies to do what the competition does and also lower their own recruiting during December.
candidates are most available and receptive in December so companies that seize the opportunity will get a head start on the rest