Recruiting Foster Carers – The Effective Approach

Recruiting Foster Carers at eRecruit Solutions

We like to think we’re pretty good at recruiting for a variety of roles and sectors, from sales and admin roles to operators and engineers. But when it comes to foster carers, we like to take a slightly different recruitment strategy than your traditional white collar roles. So what is the best approach for recruiting foster carers?

Be Responsive

One of the most important aspects of recruiting is to make sure you are responsive as possible. This is to ensure that candidates are snapped up before their circumstances change or they find an alternative role. Here at eRecruit, we are firm believers in staying in touch. We contact all potential foster carers with a form that helps establish their suitability for the role – often with a follow up call to ensure they received it. The benefit of this is that it not only keeps the candidate interested, but it also allows unsuitable ones to be sifted out more efficiently.

Stay Local

A great method of appealing to potential foster carers in to work exclusively with certain agencies in certain locations. This means that competition in a certain region is lessened, increasing the chances of getting more carers on board. Unlike other roles, foster care isn’t the type of job candidates are required to travel for, as foster children are much better placed in a home not far from their own. Therefore, the recruitment strategy has to be locally targeted.

Emphasise Benefits

While the benefits of all roles need to be emphasised in a job ad, with foster caring they have to be advertised in a slightly different way.  The main difference being that the positive results foster carers create for others needs to be the main drive for doing it, compared to the benefits it will bring for them. That’s not to say that the benefits for the carer shouldn’t be highlighted, but they shouldn’t be the sole focus of the advert.

Highlight Support

This is especially key for potential matches who have less foster care experience – it’s important to highlight the support they will receive from the agency. This includes factors such as training, funding and respite care. As well as add-ons such as holiday and festival allowances. For some, the decision to become a foster carer is a big and daunting one. It’s therefore important that job ads accurately portray and emphasise the support and help available to potential carers.

At eRecruit Solutions, we work successfully with a number of agencies to provide them with more and more foster carers for their growing needs. Get in touch today to see if we could help you!