Recruiting For Modern Startup Businesses

Recruiting For Modern Startup Companies

There is never a good time to start a business. In fact, despite austerity measures and looming financial downturns, now is as good a time as any. The UK has never been so entrepreneurial, with more and more people taking their destiny into their own hands.

However, with so many startups, there are also plenty of failures. Business owners have a lot to think about when starting. One of those things is hiring, which can mean the difference between make or break in those fragile first years.

Today’s startup environment isn’t easy. Each company is unique, so employees must be creative, flexible, commercially-minded, passionate, tactile and energetic. At eRecruit, we pride ourselves on helping startup companies – after all, it wasn’t long ago that we were in the same boat. As an online recruitment agency, sourcing talent through the internet means we keep costs low and pass those savings onto you. That’s why we fill any role for a one-off, low-cost flat fee. By charging a fixed rate, you can keep track of your cost per hire, whilst benefitting from our years of knowledge and marketplace experience.

Here is a list of ideal qualities you should be looking for when first-time hiring.


As a startup, you’ll still be finding your feet. There will no doubt be a lack of procedures and processes in place. The workplace can even be a little chaotic as you adapt to customer needs and the ever-changing marketplace. Employees who struggle to adapt may find it hard to keep up, so always hire those who are flexible and open to change.

Good interpersonal skills

The modern customer is sophisticated and savvy to their personal needs. Products and services are becoming increasingly more customised, so companies must have their fingers on the pulse of the consumer market. It also means communicating with customers; engaging with their requirements and learning their habits. In a small company, however, there is nowhere to hide; one bad meeting or phone call could cost you a deal. Always hire those who understand customers and clients, and will readily want to meet them if necessary.


Loyalty means everything in a small company. Losing key workers at busy times could seriously affect your business, to the point of failure. Hire those who want to stay with the company long-term.


This is twofold. First, you want people with good ideas and creative minds to help your business grow, as well as point out things that could be done differently or more effectively. Second, as a new business, you will inevitably face a few customer problems, many of which will be unexpected. Therefore, employees may have to solve problems quickly and with limited resources. Always screen for creative individuals and fast thinkers.


New bosses are extremely busy getting to grips with their new business. They may not have the experience or time to constantly motivate a new employee. You need employees to be irrepressibly driven and have a passion for helping your business grow. This kind of shared passion and vision is what turns a startup into a prosperous company.