Recruiting Part-time Staff

Employing part-time staff can prove to be one of many handy recruiting strategies for an increasing number of companies. It goes hand-in-hand with the advent of job sharing, whereby two skilled part-time workers are able to share the responsibilities of a full-time role. However, it’s important firstly remain aware of how best to recruit part-time workers.

Firstly, look at the role that you’re considering offering as part-time. Can it be done in so few hours? Would a job sharing role across full-time hours suit it better? There is the danger that sometimes a full-time job would be done better by just a single person. It’s important to fully consider whether your company would actually benefit from hiring part-time employees or coming to a job sharing agreement, or whether you would simply be better served by hiring full-time employees.

Writing an accurate job description is also key. Although the candidate must be aware that the role is part-time, the critical importance that the employee would have at the company should be stressed. By using the recruiting services of a team of recruitment specialists, you can be sure that your job advert is clear, concise and attracts a large number of candidates.

Here are the main benefits that you, as an employer, can gain from recruiting part-time workers.

Lower Costs

By being able to allocate only the necessary amount of hours to workers and not generally offering any additional benefits, companies can save massively on costs. This is especially important if a certain role may not specifically need so many hours per week to be completed- so reducing the hours and paying one or two part-time employees on an hourly basis could save heaps of cash in the long run.

Increase in Productivity

Another reason why hiring part-time workers is one of the top recruiting strategies is because by having two people share the responsibilities of a full-time role, the company could potentially benefit from higher rates of productivity. Two employees bring a wider skill-set to the company whilst they are also likely to suffer from fatigue less than one person working a full-time role.

Higher Motivation

Staff would most likely want to work full-time employees if they had no other commitments- the main reason that people work part-time hours is because they are unable to work anymore. Therefore, by offering employees a role that they can work around their other commitments, they’re likely to have increased motivation and productivity as a result. After all, you would be thankful for finding a solution that suits you and your employer.