Recruiting Managers and Senior Staff – Essential Checklist

Recruiting Managers and Senior Staff

The recruitment process often becomes more detailed and sometimes difficult as the seniority of the position increases. Managers and senior staff are the ones you rely on to drive business forward and act as beacons for the rest of your staff. So what details should you look out for when hiring senior staff?


Good potential managers are people who share the same ideas and work ethic as the company. It is important that senior staff all operate on the same wavelength in order for business to synchronise. To get more specific, look for candidates that share similar ambitions to the company’s goals. You can pick up on things such as the phrases and terms used on the CVs/cover letters you receive. Are they similar to phrases used by yourself/ the company? If you have no idea what you’re looking for on a CV, consider getting some experts to go through them for you.


In general, candidates applying for senior roles will possess a certain level of ambition – not many people walk straight into a manager role without having worked for it beforehand. However, consider looking for someone that not only fills the vacancy you have, but wants to add to the role by implementing new ideas, strategies and techniques. Some potential employees are looking to constantly push themselves forward and encourage those around them to do the same – the ideal type of person to become a manager in your company.

Proven Track Record

Many people claim to have experience in generic yet important things – like teamwork. Chances are you will see similar phrases on almost every CV. If, however, you look for applicants who can and have provided specific examples of their experiences and achievements, you will already have whittled down your selection. It’s important to look for end goals when reviewing somebody’s track record. For example, ‘lead a team of people to complete X project’ rather than ‘managed a team’. The former is much less vague and paints a more solid picture of the candidate.


To ensure your new senior staff can enter the company harmoniously, it is important to review how they act towards others. It is likely you would prefer to hire somebody who will get along well with the rest of the staff. Someone who will have a positive effect on your staff will help ensure levels of morale and productivity remain high. Your managers should act as cog in the wheel, not a stand-alone piece. It is therefore ideal to employ a good people person: who is friendly, motivated and confident.

Obviously the perfect candidate will tick all four of these boxes. But remember that where some may lack certain skills, they may possess others in abundance. To widen your search for talented individuals and reach an even bigger pool of candidates, click here.