4 Tips for Recruiting via Social Media

Social Media and Low Cost Recruitment

The incredible increase in active users on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook means that hiring managers can no longer ignore the importance of using them during the recruitment process. Unfortunately, you cannot simply rely on talented candidates happening to come across your opportunities. Instead, you need to actively search for the talent you need as well as connect with them on a personal level. Social media gives you the ability to do this, so it’s important to use it effectively. Here are eRecruit Solutions’ top tips.

  1. Create a LinkedIn account
    For the best access to the information you need from jobseekers, LinkedIn is the best social networking site to use as it enables you to view essentially an online version of people’s CVs. Profiles will often include a detailed account of their skill set and work experience so you can gain a good insight of whether they’re suitable for your vacancy or not. Create a company page and make sure your employees follow this to give exposure to your organisation. You can then use this page to post job vacancies and alert members to other company and industry news updates. Join groups that are related to your sector and organisation so you can keep an eye on those involved in interesting discussions. If you can offer advice or useful information in any way then make sure you do so in order to attract candidates to your company and present yourself as a valuable resource.
  2. Use status updates
    As well as posting job vacancies in your company page, make sure you also do this on your personal account. This will help your opportunities to reach a wider audience outside of your company’s followers. Even if the vacancy isn’t relevant to anyone in your network, a contact of yours may know someone who is both interested and suitable for the role. Furthermore, get your current employees involved by asking them to post the job vacancy in their status. This will expand the reach of your talent search even further, increasing your chances of finding the perfect candidate.

  3. Optimise the search bar
    To find the people most relevant to your vacancies, use the search bar by typing in the skills, education or interests the position requires. This will highlight people who possess the qualities you need, allowing you to examine their profile and assess whether they have the potential to succeed in the role. For a more accurate search through social media platforms, use an advanced search on Google by using ‘site.linkedin.com’ or ‘site.facebook.com’ followed by the role/skill and area you’re look for. For example, ‘site.linkedin.com graphic designer, London’. This increases your chances of finding the profile of a candidate who may or may not be actively searching for a job, but whose experience could be perfect for your vacancy.
  4. Sell your company
    For social media to provide you with the best results in terms of attracting talent for your vacancies, you need to ensure the image of your company is projected in the best possible light via your online presence. The truth is, it’s not just jobseekers that are assessed on social media: companies are too. This is why you need to use your social media profiles to inform jobseekers not just about your vacancies, but about the company itself. What is it like to work for you? What’s your company culture like? How is your organisation responding to the latest industry news? If you provide accurate, interesting and detailed information about your business, talented individuals are far more likely to want to apply to your vacancies.

So if your recruitment strategy currently excludes the use of social media, it’s time to realise the advantages it can provide to your hiring process. By following the steps above you can make sure you’re optimising social media platforms to find, attract and connect with talented jobseekers who have the potential to succeed at your company.