“When in Rome” Recruitment Campaigns by Joe Gregory

‘’When in Rome, do as the Romans do’’ is how the old saying goes… However many companies are not doing what the Romans do and are taking advantage of these uncertain times.

When business leaders are hit by reduced sales and revenues they tend to look at their bottom line and heavy cost centres. The first department to take the hit is always HR and recruitment goes into hibernation for what can seem a never ending Winter. The workforce is also often reduced and the market is flooded by new fresh talent.

This is where the more savvy HR departments come in to their own. This may sound like a strange strategy, bringing on more people while revenues are down. But yes, expansion and adding new talent does make sense. Hiring the best talent must still be a top priority. As the best talent will help find and grow opportunities that mediocre talent will not.

More and more companies are now looking to recruit talent nationwide as you never know where the next superstar of the company may come from. At eRecruit Solutions we offer Nationwide Recruitment Campaigns that scour the country advertising in up to 20 locations, leaving no rock unturned. Nationwide Campaigns are a great way to find hidden talent that may have not considered relocating before. So if you’re looking for Sales, Marketing, IT, Customer Services and HR staff then forget your local paper and recruit Nationwide.