A Breath of Fresh Air by Andy Taylor – Recruitment Consultant


After slogging my guts out for 11 years in sales, I have finally found a product that really does what is says on the tin!

When I stumbled across eRecruit’s online job advert for a new Consultant, and looked at their flat fee recruitment solution, coming on board was a no brainer for me! Having already dabbled in head-hunting this helped me to really appreciate how revolutionary eRecruit Solutions’ offer is to business’ recruitment strategies. Day’s of companies paying through the nose for staff who usually don’t quite fit the bill are no more, and the best thing is this process really does raise that bar in terms of quality whilst at the same time massively reducing cost per hire at the blink of an eye.

I first got into sales because I liked the idea that I was helping people find a suitable solution, and it pays a lot more than being a carer! Now, working with eRecruit Solutions, I can go home at the end of the day knowing that I have done a good job for my clients by really identifying what their needs are through taking a genuine interest in their goals and aspirations for their business. I don’t really have to ‘sell’ what we do, providing I ask the right questions! 😉