Recruitment During the Olympics by Will Harvey


During the run up to the London 2012 Olympics I was concerned as to whether or not it was going to significantly impact on our performance. I thought that the Games, coupled with it being ‘holiday season’, could well spell trouble for us eRecruiters! I have to say that now we are fast approaching the halfway mark of the Games, it has not really had an adverse effect on what we do. I have spoken to the odd company that have decided to put things on hold until after everything is all done and dusted. This is because they are directly involved in the games in some form or another and therefore it is quite understandable as that is their main focus.

I have found some information online provided by a company called RP Cushing. They are a standard high street agency and they have conducted a survey with some of their clients. More than two thirds of their clients surveyed were excited or very excited about the Games. Only 10% were concerned about how it will affect their business this Summer. Half of all the companies surveyed think that it will be beneficial to business and a quarter think that it will be a normal summer and another quarter think that the Games will have a negative impact on their company’s output.

The results are somewhat divided when it comes to recruitment over the Summer. Around 30% of businesses surveyed see the London 2012 Olympics as having no affect at all on their recruitment plans. Another 30% think that it might impact on their hiring due to annual leave and other distractions. Only 15% actually consider that the Games will considerably slow things down due the fact that key decision makers will be unavailable.

All in all this means that we are on target for another bumper month! GO TEAM GB.