Recruitment methods that sell your Business

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We’ve no doubt our clients have people knocking down their doors desperate to get a foot in and work with them. While you may think your company is great to work for, you could be losing out on great talent to competing companies that have better recruitment methods. Luckily, we know how to make sure all those super talented individuals want to come and improve your business. And we just might share some of that insider info.

Get in there fast

One of the worst situations to be in is losing out on a great candidate because, by the time you get in touch with them, they’ve been snapped up by another company. To avoid this, start calling people in for interviews preferably within two weeks of receiving their application. Using eRecruit will mean the CVs you receive will have been previously screened – giving you the best of the bunch to choose from and saving you precious time. All that’s left for you to do is make a few phone calls. Easy as pie!

Be efficient

Having an organised and well run recruitment process means that your preferred candidates will be much more keen to work with you.  A lot of job ads that clutter up job boards have vague application instructions or lack the correct wording to appeal to the right type of candidate. eRecruit can write web enhanced ads that are specifically structured to attract the right type of candidate. Also, all job applications arrive at the same place and get reviewed by the same client services team.  Not only is this a much easier method for the candidates to use, it benefits you by being able to review the progress of your recruitment campaigns.

Engage with candidates

The majority of jobseekers applying online do not hear a peep back from the recruiter. This can be off-putting for the majority of candidates and doesn’t give a positive reflection of you as a company. Even if you can’t reply to your applicants right away, eRecruit solutions send a confirmation to every single applicant. By default, hopefuls applying to your company have already been contacted. It’s the little things that make all the difference! Plus, if candidates have any burning questions about their applications, the can always get help from our client service team – which saves you another job!

Getting the right recruitment methods is a sure-fire way of getting the right employees. The two definitely go hand in hand, so make sure you choose a recruitment method that works for you.