The Golden Easter Egg Hunt by Lee Burns – Recruitment Consultant


Recruitment over the Easter period in many ways has the same meaning for our clients as it would for my 3 year old son. How often would you have the opportunity to search for those hidden gems or that huge egg full of goodies and also the prized golden chocolate voucher? Recruitment over the Holidays always gives candidates an opportunity to take the time to scrutinise the online job boards for positions of suitability and post on their CV’s as they bask in the fact they have a few extra days off over the Bank Holiday to find the next step on their personal career ladder.

Clients are also tapping in to the fact that they can also pick up a few hidden gems in candidates that are taking advantage of the time off of work to look for a new opportunity. So if you have a sweet tooth or will be chocolated out, what a great opportunity to advertise your current vacancies and hope that the Easter Bunny delivers to you this year!