Reducing Call Centre Hiring Costs

Reducing Call Centre Recruitment Costs with eRecruit Solutions

The call centre industry is one which experiences one of the highest rates of employee turnover. The benefits of this are that it’s often easy to find new staff and fairly straight-forward to train them to fit the bill. The downside, however, is that you can end up having to put aside lots of cash for your recruitment process. But this doesn’t have to be so. We’ve helped many large contact centres save tens of thousands on their recruitment costs while still providing great candidates that fit the bill. So how can you reduce your hiring costs? And how can you ensure that cheaper recruitment still means you get the best staff on the market?


The best thing about the flat-fee model – especially the one we operate – is that you can hire as many candidates as you like for one agreed price. The benefits of this to you are clear. Traditional recruitment agency charging a cost-per-hire or percentage of the candidate’s salary no longer have access to different candidate than the ones that can be found on the online job board market. In fact, they often source candidates this way anyway, as 80% of jobseekers now look online for their next role. So if standard agencies have nothing extra to offer, why pay more?

Bespoke Campaigns

Our team of consultants will be able to advise you on the best campaign for your recruitment needs. This means we set up individual recruitment campaigns for all our clients. As recruitment experts, we know that a one size fits all approach just doesn’t cut the mustard. Plenty of variants can change the format of a recruitment campaign, including location, salary and the type of role. Luckily, with call centres, employees don’t normally need a huge array of academic qualifications or extensive experience. This means that keen candidates are usually not hard to find, meaning that your recruitment campaign will succeed and find you a large volume of applicants. Paying for a flat-fee recruitment campaign that gets you the desired results first time means you recruitment spend becomes even more manageable.

Rolling Recruitment

With a high employee turnover, it’s likely that call centre HR managers and recruiters will understand that hiring isn’t a one-off task. Seats often need filling all year round, especially in large contact centres where more employees fill up the floor. Keeping recruitment costs at a manageable level is easier to do if recruitment is bought in bulk rather than several one-off campaigns. With eRecruit, you can purchase all the credits you require for the next year at once making the total cost a lot smaller. This means that you can use these throughout the year at any time you require them. Having access to time-saving recruitment campaigns whenever you need them makes your hiring process a lot more efficient, as well as reducing your overall recruitment spend.

It’s easy to see how mass call centre recruitment need not cost the earth. Have a look at some of the great work we’ve done with contact centres already to see the results for yourself.